Fasal Vaccine - The Revolutionary Organic Crop Protection Solution in India!


"With Fasal Vaccine, you can safeguard your crops naturally and sustainably, without compromising on yield or quality. Farmers need not worry and check what treatment to use for the crops- everything comes as planned..”

FASAL VACCINE is the present and future of crop protection! Our crop-specific module, based on our proprietary biological microbial products, is a breakthrough in the industry. Fasal Vaccine takes a preventive approach to pest and disease management, unlike the traditional curative approach that relies on chemicals. With Fasal Vaccine, you can reduce the chances of disease and pest infestation by an astounding 75-80%, leaving only 20% for chemicals to handle, if needed.

Our products are designed to be compatible with conventional farming practices and chemicals, making the transition to a natural and sustainable solution seamless. Don't wait, join the crop protection revolution with FASAL VACCINE today!

Healthy Crops

The vaccine helps in producing healthier crops resulting in successful and prosperous farming.

Happy Farmers

Eco-friendly, cost-effective, increased yield and decreased pest infestation offer a better outcome for a happy farmer.

Satisfied Customers

Customers are assured of the highest quality produce devoid of any harmful chemicals, leading to ultimate satisfaction.

Advantage Fasal Vacccine

  • check Non-Chemical (Organic and biological) based.
  • check Crop specific protection module based on our proprietary microbial products.
  • check Easy application.
  • check Preventive management of pest and disease as opposed to the prevalent curative management based on chemicals .
  • check Reduces the harmful chemical and pesticides by 80% & restores soil.
  • check Compatible with practices & chemicals can be used in case of emergency.

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  • Nature-Friendly - The vaccine is entirely organic and free from any harmful chemicals, making it 100% safe for the environment.

  • Cost-Effective – The long term benefits for the vaccine, restoration of soil health, improves the Price-value equation in favour of ‘Fasal Vaccine’ significantly over a period.

  • Increased Yield –The vaccine significantly reduces the prevalence of pests and diseases, leading to more crops and better yields over long term.

  • Disease Prevention –The regimen boosts the plant's immunity, eases the stress, and reduces the likelihood of diseases.




"Agross App is the First FREE customized Platform to help farmers do agriculture scientifically with crop as well as financial data traceability.

AGROSS App is a crop planning & management platform to provide farmer free customised actionable inputs on each milestone of crop lifecycle. After each milestone, it records the activity of the farmer and creates a ‘Certificate of Process’ at the end of crop lifecycle.

Key Takeways

  • 1.AUTOMATION – The entire process is automated.
  • 2. PLANNING – Variety specific crop & fertigation planning.
  • 3. CUSTOMISED – personal crop milestones for each farmer.
  • 4.ACTIONABLE INPUTS – realtime actionable inputs before & on each milestone.
  • 5.ON DEMAND ADVISORY – Agronomists digitally support farmers when needed.
  • 6.PROCESS CERTIFICATE – Methods & inputs are traced throughout the crop lifecycle.
  • 7.P&L Account – Provides season’s Profit & Loss Account.

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