Revolutionising Agriculture: Achieving Chemical Like Results with Non-chemical products Products

We endeavor to develop performance oriented organic and biological products which are capable of producing chemical like results without compromise with the quality & quantum of the output. Farmers can reduce 80% of their chemicals in a matter of 3-4 seasons without feeling the heat of ‘change’.

Reduce Environment Impact

Agromaxx is a biotech company pioneering in making sustainability, the first choice of farmers through its revolutionary organic and biological agri-inputs which are as effective as their chemical counterparts and compatible with most prevalent farming practices & products. Our vision is to create a ‘pragmatic ecosystem’ to facilitate smooth transition from economically & environmentally unviable practices to ‘Balanced Farming’.



  • No Theory - Be Pragmatic

    Innovation not readily usable by farmers, is useless.

  • Effortless Transition

    Lesser the efforts, more sustainable sustainability would be.

  • Ease of Application

    Ease of use means scale.

  • At Par Pricing

    After all, nothing is more important than economics